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Martha Stewart Weddings Feature: 7 Things to Consider If Your Ceremony Venue Is Open to the Public

We just had  a major "Martha!" moment! 

We are over the moon about contributing to this Martha Stewart Weddings Feature, live today on!

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Bridal Party Gift Guide

They are an integral part of your wedding, but not only that; most of the time they’ve been an integral part of your life. They were there with tissues and ice cream while you ugly-cried when that guy (you know the one) broke your heart, they have piled you into cabs, lent you a cocktail dress, had your back, and you would not be here without them.  So what do you get these super-women to show them how grateful you are that they’re seeing you through this momentous occasion? Here’s the DL on some of our favorite gifts for your gals:

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Is your training personal enough?

The world of exercise can be overwhelming. Bylines in magazines promising quick fixes, fad diets, 3,000 steps to the perfect crunch… Wait, aren’t crunches actually bad for you now?! All of those machines (am I the only one terrified of venturing into the forest of weights and wires?!) I recently began working on my fitness again after a fairly long hiatus. I may or may not just have celebrated my second anniversary of marriage… And of abandoning my gym membership. Happy pounds! Amiright?! Ahem. And I know so many of you brides-to-be are thinking about starting, or already have started your Get Fit For The Wedding plans. This week we've got some inspiration/advice for you from someone way more qualified than me!

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Ask Fay: Divorced Parents

Y’all sure did throw me in at the deep end this week! I’ve risen to your challenge by taking on this particularly tricky situation that one Gather Together bride-to-be reached out with:

What should I do if one of my divorced parents wants to bring their new boyfriend/girlfriend to the wedding, but the other is upset about it?

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