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Ask Fay: Divorced Parents

Y’all sure did throw me in at the deep end this week! I’ve risen to your challenge by taking on this particularly tricky situation that one Gather Together bride-to-be reached out with:

What should I do if one of my divorced parents wants to bring their new boyfriend/girlfriend to the wedding, but the other is upset about it?

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Lighting 101: What does lighting bring to the party?

Chances are when you start planning an event, lighting isn’t going to be the first thing you think of. You know you need it, but its importance tends to take a back seat in a lot of peoples planning process. The question we posed this week to Terri Watson of Get Lit was How do we make the most of the lighting options available to us? Lighting is a major player in creating the atmosphere and mood you want at your event, and Terri kindly took the time to explain a little of how she finds and draws out the lighting potential at the events she lights up…

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