Spectacular weddings start here.

Your wedding is the one day of your life when all the people you love gather in one place, just for the two of you.  
Gather Together wedding planning services allow you to relax, enjoy, and celebrate, from the first meeting through the last dance.



YOUR Wedding Day


An unforgettable wedding starts with an exceptional team. We put together a perfectly curated team of vendors suited to your personality, style and budget. From start to finish, Gather Together manages all vendors and details and guides you through decisions with an organized, honest, and worry-free planning process. Tasks that may seem daunting are handled with ease. Gather Together expertly manages budgeting, design, logistics, contracts and more, so that you can balance planning a wedding with your already busy schedule.

For your wedding, Gather Together designs with a love for what is in vogue and an eye for what is timeless. When guests experience your wedding, they will know it is undeniably reflective of your style and personality. Specialty lighting, textured linens, lush florals and every other design element are selected keeping in mind the overall feel of the event. The result is a beautiful, welcoming environment that sets the stage for an unforgettable celebration.

On your wedding day, you should feel as carefree, and have as much fun, as your guests. We’ll be there the entire time making sure you have a fresh cocktail or cinching that loose curl with a bobby pin. We are there to cater to you and your family’s every need, before you think to lift a finger. Gather Together takes care of every planned detail, and every unplanned situation that might come up, so you can indulge in each sweet, fleeting moment. On your day, when everyone you love is gathered together to celebrate you, we ensure your focus is on having the time of your life.