Sharing Your Day

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If you haven't seen the YouTube video where the groom takes a moment at the altar to change his Facebook status to "Married," we ask you not to Google it. For most of us, this is a "shake your head" moment. Though we would hope most people would keep their phones muted or off during the ceremony, many couples are incorporating social media to add another dimension to their day. Here are a few ideas on how to engage guests with photo sharing on #thebigday (lots of luck to Uncle Harold with his fancy flip phone circa 2008)...

You know your friends are already taking photos (and now videos!) of all your wedding deets. Why not create a way to capture them all in one place? A clever hashtag will instantly funnel all images your guests take on Instagram. Make sure you pick a creative tag that is short and not already in use (a quick search will do), then inform your guests: a chalkboard, note on your program, or signage at cocktail tables are great options.

Many venues have a projection screen on-site. Flash up the website, Evenstagram, and it will give guests a step by step way to create a real-time slideshow at your wedding via Instagram.

Not into a day-of slide show? If you still want a slide show to remind you of all the great memories later, Statigram can create a post-wedding slide show using your hashtag.

Designate a "Tweeter of Honor:" Have a tech-savvy friend? Nominate them as the Twitter guru of the day and have them share via TwitPic all the details, plus comments on the delish dinner and your fabulous choreographed first dance!

Of course, there is always a flip side and we do our best on this blog to present several alternatives. You may want to keep your small wedding intimate and private, or you may have an invited guest who is a dignitary or VIP that needs to keep their business confidential. If you would prefer to make your day social media free, find a place to state that somewhere politely prior to the wedding. Your wedding website, signage as you enter the ceremony or reception, and a polite request from your officiant can be good avenues. There are a plethora of reasons you may want to keep your day private, and most people will respect that.

'Til we Gather Together again...
- Samantha