True Love #TBT

We had some back-to-back gorgeous weddings this past month and are so excited to start sharing our couples' stories. But today, we are taking a moment to sit down, breathe, and reflect on some delightful past weddings. And look at is Thursday, a.k.a. Throwback Thursday, a.k.a. (in our world) True Love Throwback Thursday! An idea from of one of our photographer friends, Jennifer Haygood, we contacted some past clients looking back on their wedding day and asked the question: what was your one favorite photo from your wedding, and why? Here are their answers on this first #tltbt:

From Holly:
photographer brunswick town wedding planner wilmington nc
To me, this photo captures everything I wanted for my wedding day - a romantic venue, beautiful flowers, our family and friends surrounding us with love and happiness, and Doug & I walking out as husband and wife! Photo by Millie Holloman Photography

From Kate:
photographer carolina club wedding planner chapel hill nc
This is one of my (many) favorites from our wedding day. We were supposed to have sparklers as our send off, but sadly, it was pouring rain and below 50 degrees. Luckily, Chelsey came up with the idea to gather all the rose petals off of the tables and line everyone up in the hallway so that we still had a spectacular send off! It was the most amazing ending to a perfect day!

From Nisha:
photographer rigmor house wedding planner chapel hill nc
This photo of our first dance reminds me of how much fun we had at our wedding! Side note from Chelsey: Nisha & Lars had the most beautifully choreographed first dance! They were so lovely. Photo by Robin Lin Photography

We adore that all three of our brides chose photos that have their groom at their side and all of their family and friends surrounding them. As a planner, the focus if often on the wedding day details, the comfort of family and guests, and the flow of events throughout the day. But when we put that aside for a few minutes and take in these small moments of the day, we get goose bumps: the first dance, the exit, the walk down the aisle. In those small moments we have the privilege to witness, it makes all the long hours of planning and hard work worth it.

To Holly, Kate and Nisha: thank you for sharing!

'Til we Gather Together again...
- Samantha