Music Monday - Pt. 2

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Okay, so you have ruled out BYOM (Bring Your Own Music). How do you find the perfect band or DJ? With the variety of vendors out there, it can be difficult to navigate. Here are a few tips while searching for entertainment.

When searching for bands, remember a few key questions:

#1: What are the band’s requirements? Many band contracts will request a number of needs: a green room, a certain stage size, particular food/beverages and accommodations. When reviewing the contract, be sure you are aware of all the requests so there are no surprises the day of the wedding.

#2: Is the band willing to learn a new song? If you know you want the band to play your first dances, confirm that they can learn songs in advance. If so, inform them of any new songs well in advance.

#3: Do they have a play list? Ask the band to provide a sample play list. Highlight the songs that you want to hear that night and cross off the songs that would make you cringe! Share this with your planner so they can confirm the songs during their review of the day of wedding timeline.

Some of the same questions pertain to a DJ, remember these key questions:

#1: What type of emcee are you? Do you want the DJ to be colloquial with the guests or would you prefer a more professional tone? Interviewing a DJ will give you a good feel for their particular DJ “vibe”.

#2: How do you read a crowd? It is essential that a DJ can read how the reception is flowing. No one wants to hear the latest Justin Timberlake and then head straight into Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On.” If the crowd is having fun, the DJ should keep the energy up and only wind down until the exit.

#3: Can the couple provide their playlist with “definite,” “maybe,” and “absolutely NO WAY” songs? Again, it is your day! If you hate the Macarena, then you should not have to participate in it on your wedding day!

In addition, ask for referrals from an entertainment vendor. It always feels better to hear another bride's experience to seal the deal and secure that you will be dancing the night away!

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