Bridesmaid for Life

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What would you do without your bridal party?
Photo by Millie Holloman Photography

It is no secret that Chelsey and I are great friends. We have been fortunate to land in the same town over the past six years and have been able to support each other along the way. One of the highlights of our friendship was Chelsey’s wedding weekend. As in her professional life prior to a client’s wedding, the days closing in on her nuptials were cool, calm and collected.

One of the amazing highlights of the weekend was the care that Chelsey took to make sure all her bridesmaids were comfortable and relaxed. As a bride, the wedding day is about you and your partner. However, your wedding party has put time, money and effort into your big day as well. Maybe the whole party has not had the opportunity to meet? Maybe your wedding location does not have tourist attractions to fill time during the weekend? Many couples thank their wedding party by planning some fun activities during the weekend to bond and relax before or after the event.

Here are a few wedding party activities that will break the ice, calm the nerves or just get a little loose:

1) Fitness Routine – The morning of the wedding, everyone wants to feel good and get the blood flowing! Many brides will line up a yoga session, cardio workout or – if you are feeling really fancy free– a jazzercise class! Who doesn’t want to start their wedding day with a little Jane Fonda?

2) Spa Session – This is a wonderful activity for bridesmaids the day prior to the wedding. In this intimate atmosphere, all the ladies can talk and chat while others are receiving a treatment. Many spas will offer a group discount or work with you to tend to your group. A key note for the spa: Do not book any facial treatments – you never know who is allergic to products!

3) Dance Lesson – Salsa, Shag, Line Dancing! Guy and gals grab a partner! Introductions around the room of all the wedding party will break the ice and learning something new will be a fun (perhaps, laughable) way to enjoy the evening.

4) Take Them Out To a Ball Game – We know that not everyone is into sports. But if you look into a VIP box for a Minor League Baseball game or alternative sporting event. Watching the game will start conversation, but people can roam around the suite and have additional non-ball game chats.

As Chelsey likes to remind me, I’m her BRIDESMAID FOR LIFE. These people in your wedding party are important, so make sure they enjoy the weekend as much as you! I know I did at Chelsey’s wedding.

'Til we Gather Together again...
- Samantha