Music Monday

When we meet with clients, it is important to understand the couple’s priorities. What is their vision? What elements of the wedding are important to them? What are the top three “must haves”?

Many times, the entertainment for the reception is a top priority and we could not agree more! The trend of BYOM (Bring Your Own Music) has been a way for many couples to save on their bottom line, but the investment in a quality DJ or band can create the fun and electric atmosphere most couples want in their celebration.

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We want your guests to groove!

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Why not BYOM?
It can work for particular events; however, there are a few items to consider.

#1: There will not be any announcements of the wedding party, buffet instructions, first dances, cake cutting, bouquet toss, toasts, last call or send off instructions. This can go on and on. A DJ or head band leader takes responsibility for announcing the activities at the reception. This is key for a large crowd and helps facilitate the flow of the event.

#2: You must designate someone to press play for particular songs or MC the event. This can put a lot of pressure on a guest. You want your family and friends to enjoy your wedding, not stress about announcements and timing.

#3: Technology can be tricky. Couples will rent a sound system, but have problems the day of the wedding. Unless you have someone who knows their way around technology, you may want to opt out on rentals.

The entertainment can control the tempo of your wedding. Depending on what you want, make sure you find the best option for you!

Still undecided? Check in with your planner, who has experience with entertainment and can direct you accordingly!

‘Til We Gather Together Again…