With These Rings

Being in the wedding industry, you see many unique ceremonies. From personal vows, to unity candles, to synchronized processionals (how can we forget {this}?), there are some amazing ideas that can make your wedding special.

In my humble opinion, the most beautiful moment during a ceremony is the exchange of the rings. The defining moment where I found the ring exchange so special was when I attended (not worked!) a wedding on the gorgeous cliffs of Southern California. At the beginning of the ceremony, the officiant announced that both rings would be passed to each guest during the ceremony. We were instructed to bless them with our own special thought or prayer. It was important to the bride & groom that each guest participated in the christening of their marriage, and what better way than to bless the physical symbol that you are dedicating your life to the one you love. I still remember that bright sunny day in August, thinking that there were over 150 messages of love in those two unending circles that bound my wonderful friends together.

While you are planning your wedding, remember that the party will be fun and the details will come together (with the help of a great wedding coordinator). However, the ceremony will be the bonding moment between you and your best friend. Cherish that moment, and incorporate traditions that are meaningful to you.

Heather & Chandler incorporated family tradition into their New Years Eve 2011 wedding by exchanging their grandparents' wedding rings. Photo by Big Star Studios

'Til we Gather Together again...
- Samantha