A Day In The Life

While being a wedding planner has its perks, it may not be quite as glamorous as J. Lo made it out to be. The willingness to take on one of the most special days in someone’s life and make sure it is perfect is a LOT of pressure. How do we deal with all this pressure on the day of a wedding? Here is the play by play of "a day (or a few days) in the life of a wedding planner."

Ha! This is just what we look like: perfectly unfrizzed hair, Easter egg colored dress, and a secret service headset. (hint: sarcasm)

All day: Last minute changes to the timeline, seating assignments, errands for supplies, etc. - there is always something that comes up, and our job is to make sure the bride, groom and family are not worried about whatever it is.
4:30 PM: Arrive at rehearsal site armed with timeline, ceremony plan and layout.
5:00 PM: Rehearsal time! We love the energy of the wedding weekend kick off!
5:10 PM: Actual start of the rehearsal...when the groomsman who got lost finally makes it.
5:45 PM: Rehearsal done! Take inventory of any personal items and how they should be set up: "so the marshmallows will be on the bottom left corner of the candy bar with everything else to the right in alphabetical order..."
10:00 PM: Rest! It’s a long day tomorrow.

7:00 AM: Wake up.
8:30 AM: Meet with the team over breakfast. Go over all the who-what-when-where-why.
9:30 AM: Good morning, bride! Check in and she's with her wedding party prepping for the big day.
10:00 AM: Begin setup.
12:00 PM: Vendors begin to arrive. Go over the who-what-when-where-why with each of them. Florist, caterer, band, rentals, lighting, oh my!
1:00 PM: Groom and groomsmen arrive and get dressed. That doesn't take long. Pin boutonnieres, send them with the photographer for pictures, and make sure the groom isn't peeking at his bride!
1:30 PM: Time for the bride and bridesmaids to take their pictures. Well, almost. A little mimosa spill on one of the bridesmaids' dresses. Not to worry, we are armed and ready with the Tackle Box of Wonders. Shout wipes, ibuprofen, bug spray, you name it, we have it.
2:00 PM: Review all details and check in with vendors. Guest book pens? Check. Extra vases for bouquets? Check. Another timeline review with the band? Check.
3:00 PM: Final prep at the ceremony site. Set out programs, meet with string quartet and officiant, and pep-talk the ushers.
4:15 PM: Guests begin to arrive at ceremony site. We make sure the bride and groom are doing A-OK. Water? Bobby pin? Hairspray?

Sometimes a torrential downpour and thunderstorm happens 5 minutes before the ceremony starts. Sometimes we have to run to save chalkboard programs from the rain and make sure no one gets struck by lightning.

4:50 PM: Line ‘em up & cue the music. It's go time!
5:00 PM: Fluff the dress and away she goes...we always take a second to observe this beautiful moment.
5:05 PM: Back to work. Let the caterer and band know the ceremony has started. Make sure they're ready for cocktail hour.
5:30 PM: Happily ever after begins! Direct guests to cocktail hour. Wrangle bridal party and family for pictures. Make sure they're looking at the photographer's camera, not Uncle Bob's.
6:00 PM: Family joins cocktail hour. Make sure parents have drinks and a bite to eat among all the hustle.
6:30 PM: Welcome toast – get the microphone ready and the band to announce. Give heads up to photographer and videographer.
7:05 PM: Dinner is served – after we make sure everyone has food, this is a quick break for us!
8:00 PM: Find parents to make sure they see first dances and cake cutting.
8:30 PM: Find people that will make toasts – make sure bride & groom are in sight as well as parents. Oh, and make sure the toasters have their drinks.
9:00 PM: Let the party music BLAST!
10:00 PM: Make sure getaway car is in place with overnight bags and extra food. Give guest transportation a call to confirm arrival time.
10:30 PM: Cue the bouquet and garter toss - more reminders to the band, photographer, etc.
10:55 PM: Last dance!
11:00 PM: Unwrap the sparklers or hand out the confetti for the exit.
11:05 PM: Hugs to the New Mr. & Mrs. and send them on their "happily ever after"
11:15 PM: Final check on guest transportation - don't want anyone to get left behind. Send gifts, guestbook and personal items home with the bride's parents.
11:30 PM: Final payments and gratuities to vendors and BIG THANK YOUS!
11:45 PM: A glass of bubbles for a job well done with the team. Moniter final cleanup and breakdown by vendors.
12:00 AM: That's a wrap. Head on home. Maybe another glass of bubbles (it's hard to wind down after 15+ hours of being on your toes sometimes!).
12:45 AM: Sweet sleep and happy dreams after a job well done and another happily ever after!

The wedding day is long for us, but it is the most gratifying feeling to have witnessed the happiest day of someone's life. Always an honor.

'Til we Gather Together again...
- Samantha