Can you afford NOT to work with a wedding planner?

wedding planners save you money
Myth or Fact? :: Hiring a wedding planner is a luxury, and cutting this from the budget is the best way to save money.

Answer :: Myth! If a planner is hired at the beginning of the planning process, he/she can often save you nearly as much money as what you pay him/her. How is this possible?

1) Creating a budget :: Wedding planners know budgets. We create them and stick to them, adjusting where needed. We take into account details that are very important to you, and those that are less so, allocating the right amount of money to the right thing.

2) Comparing pomegranates to pomegranates :: Two catering proposals may look the same, but they rarely contain 100% of the same information, making it challenging to truly compare pricing and services. This goes for musicians, photographers, other vendors too. Do you know what ++ (plus plus) means? Attrition clause? Reproduction release? If not, chances are that you could be caught hundreds or thousands of dollars over budget, no exaggeration.

3) Knowing how and what to negotiate :: Part of knowing a vendor's pricing in detail is knowing which items are negotiable and which are not. Knowing what is necessary and what you can do without is equally important in controlling costs. While this may seem like navigating a jungle, a wedding planner will easily take you down a clear path to get you the most for your money.

4) Working while you work :: A person planning their own wedding spends an average of 250 hours doing so. That's equivalent to over six full work weeks! As we all know, time is money. A wedding planner works efficiently and helps you avoid having to take days off work for vendor appointments and phone calls. We keep you informed and updated at times that are convenient to you.

5) Avoiding costly mistakes :: When it comes to vendors, you often get what you pay for. A wedding planner from the beginning of the planning process makes sure you get vendors that are the right fit for you. Does your DJ charge a premium for holiday weekend events? Do your bar costs double with overtime hours? Is your rental company approved by the venue? These are just a handful of situations where a mistake or oversight could mean hundreds or thousands of dollars extra.

6) Providing peace of mind :: While your mom, cousin, or best friend may have graciously stepped in to help "plan" your wedding, there are simply things they do not know or cannot do that a wedding planner can. Trusting your wedding day in the hands of a professional puts you at ease, and also eases pressure on the friend or family member who would otherwise be in over their head.

The truth is that hiring a wedding planner is not only a good planning decision, but a financial one as well. Gather Together will work with almost any budget and customize packages to put together services just right for you. When it comes to hiring a wedding planner, the benefit is far beyond the cost to you. We live, love, eat, sleep and breathe weddings and do quality, committed work you can trust.