Alternative Gift Registry

We know that for some brides, luring your fiance with a registry gun seems like the perfect way to get him to look at the list of items you have been lusting over since first dreaming of building a home together. The Missoni throw pillows, Marchesa china, or Le Creuset dutch oven that will make the most delicious meal your dinner party has ever indulged in. But, you may not have those dreams, and (take it from me, Samantha) that's okay!

 alternative wedding registry gather together raleigh durham chapel hill north carolina wedding planner

alternative wedding registry gather together raleigh durham chapel hill north carolina wedding planner

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There are plenty of additional registry typies aside from Macy's, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Williams-Sonoma. For the couple looking to stock their home, those are great options, but here are a few alternatives if you're looking for something a little different:


You may want a full service resort or to travel to Europe for a month for your honeymoon. With HoneyFund, guests can contribute to your honeymoon experience. Just imagine writing a beautiful thank-you card describing your adventure or enclosing a photo of the two of you enjoying their gift!

I Do Foundation

You may not need much in the way of building a home if you already live together and have plenty of housewares. If you would like to pay it forward, the I Do Foundation gives a couple the opportunity to have guests donate to the charity of their choice.

Hatch My House

You may be renting to save for a down payment on a house, or in the process of remodeling an older home to create the perfect nest. If that is the case, register on Hatch My House and plan for the future of your home. Guests can add toward a down payment, gift a window or door, or more!

Merci Registry

This is a global approach to a wedding registry. Add anything you are interested in, and guests can contribute through this site. Along with an eclectic way to gift, it also allows you to customize your personal site in a design savvy way.

Upon Our Star

This is a lovely way to save up for your true wish together as a couple. Guests can contribute to your goal, whether it be a house, a trip, or future education for your family.

We recommend you register as soon as you can. It can be overwhelming, but friends and family will ask as early as your engagement parties what items you want and need. Remember, the best way to share your registry wishes is through close family and friends, never by asking yourself or including it in invitations. An attitude of graciousness goes a long way, so don't forget those thank-you cards. Happy shopping!

'Til we Gather Together again...

- Samantha