Budget Priorities

 durham wedding planner wedding budget raleigh durham chapel hill weddings

durham wedding planner wedding budget raleigh durham chapel hill weddings

For many brides, budget can be a confusing or frustrating subject. We have many of our clients who first come to us because they're unsure of price quotes they received from vendors and how to really compare apples to apples. Some clients also come to us looking for creative ways to trim their budget. We are always happy to field those questions, and can certainly make suggestions on ways to slim down costs, but there is an important factor that is always our #1 rule for budgeting: priorities.

The wedding day is a haze of happiness and celebration, but there will be a few details you will remember and be excited about long after the day is done. Think about what you love most when you peruse through Style Me Pretty, Southern Weddings, or other wedding inspiration sources. Do you want a beautiful gown that makes everyone's jaw drop? Or an expertly designed and delicious cake? Or a stellar band that keeps the crowd dancing into the night? Once you and your fiance (we often find the guys place priority on the band, DJ or beer choice) settle on three top priorities, take your budget and cushion those elements. For the other items, be willing to make cost-cutting decisions and take your wedding planner's advice on how to best do so.

Having a difficult time deciding what is important to you? We understand it can be a bit overwhelming, and there are a lot of decisions to be made. Here are a few of our opinions on vendor budget priorities...

Chelsey's Top Three:

1) The Dress: The feeling of wearing a beautiful, couture wedding gown that's just right for you is like none other.

2) Band/DJ & Entertainment: Great entertainment makes for a great party that everyone is going to remember and talk about for years to come.

3) Flowers: Few design elements can bring as much beauty and drama as fresh, lush flowers.

Samantha's Top Three:

1) Wedding Planner: A couple can breathe easy, save time, money and sanity, when they have a dependable planner to lean on! (Note from Chelsey: Okay...obviously this is my #1, too!)

2) Catering & Cake: Quality and quantity are both critical to an impressive, enjoyable wedding. Do not take this lightly! A great caterer makes all the difference in the world.

3) Venue: The right space can do wonders in setting the mood and atmosphere for the day.

Mariah's Top Three:

1) Photography & Videography: Images and films capture the memories that will last forever.

2) Decor & Lighting: Creating a perfect environment makes guests feel comfortable and reflects you as a couple.

3) Hair & Makeup: Professional hair & makeup artists know how to bring out your natural beauty in the best ways, so it will look great in person and on camera.

Now, these are just our personal opinions. Every bride is different! Prioritize, divide, and conquer to your hearts desires. What are your top three vendor budget priorities?

'Til we Gather Together again...

- Samantha