Best engagement ever?

There is certainly a distinct correlation between the holidays and engagements. Maybe it's that the men want to get out of a Christmas/Valentine's Day/birthday present? Just kidding! If you are recently engaged, you are no doubt on a high of pure joy. Then, the overwhelming questions that come with that lovely ring on your finger begin...

Granny: "When is the date? Are you going to wear your mother's dress?"

Uncle John: "Where is this wedding gonna be? How much?"

Best Friend: Can we find a bridesmaid dress that suits my complexion?"

If you have been confronted with all the buzzing in your head, take a deep yoga breath and relax. Revel in the moment that the man of your dreams has asked you to spend the rest of your life with him. Begin the engagement with fun and excitement, not a pressure cooker of anxiety.

Once you have spread the news to all of your loved ones (and turned off the incessant questions), begin finding inspiration for your wedding. Imagine seasons, styles, and environments. Some of our favorite places to start?

{Southern Weddings}

{Style Me Pretty}


Start thinking about, themes, entertainment, and traditions that can be incorporated into your day. No need to make ALL the decisions, but we find it to be a helpful place to start.

When you have a vision for the day, now it's time to bring in the big guns! A full-service wedding planner will be everything you need to make your dream a reality. Come to the table with all those lovely ideas, plus thoughts on budget and guest count, and get ready to get the creative juices flowing. Not only will working with a wedding planner from the beginning give you peace of mind, decision-making guidance, and top-notch style; a wedding planner can also save you loads of money in vendor selection, negotiations, and help prioritizing your budget.

The next decisions will be the date and venue. Keeping 2-3 date options in mind will allow you some flexibility in your search, in case you fall in love with a beautiful space that doesn't have your first date choice available.

Once you have your planner, date and venue, a lot of that initial overwhelmed stress will melt away. What's next? We suggest starting with your priorities. The dress, photography/videography, and catering are usually tops for our brides. There will still be plenty to do that you might not put in the category of "fun" (cutting the guest list, anyone?), but you can rest assured knowing your planner will continue to help you through the process and be your guiding light, until the last sparkler goes out on your wedding night.

Congratulations, you newly engaged lovelies! Contact us any time to schedule a complimentary initial consultation. We can't wait to meet you! Now, go show off that ring!

'Til we Gather Together again...

- Samantha