My Essentials: Addie

Hey there! Assistant planner Addie Moody here making my Gather Together Blog debut with a list of my top 10 summer essentials! Hope you enjoy...


{1} always in your home: fresh produce

{2} always in your closet: colorful, comfy cardigans

{3} never leave home without: lip balm

{4} favorite fashion accessory: the crossbody

{5} favorite scent or candle: Yankee Candle pomegranate cider

{6} an iPhone/Android app you can't live without: Shazam

{7} favorite museum: North Carolina Museum of Art

{8} favorite gadget: e-readers

{9} favorite summer activity: enjoying the Farmers' Market

{10} guilty pleasure: ice cream

Just a few of my favorite things that make southern, summertime living so sweet! What are your essentials?