My Essentials: Chelsey

Camille Styles, one of my favorite blogs by an event planner in Austin, TX, had a "My Essentials" post a few weeks ago. Roséline Lohr, of the award-winning design blog This is Glamorous, shared a list of 10 of her favorite things, her essentials. Today, I share mine...


{1} always in your home: champagne

{2} always in your closet: party dresses

{3} never leave home without: ice water

{4} favorite fashion accessory: elephant necklace, currently

{5} favorite scent or candle: Carolina jasmine

{6} an iPhone/Android app you can't life without: Words with Friends

{7} favorite museum: Museum of Life & Science

{8} favorite gadget: Mama's Kitchen Aid mixer, circa 1970

{9} favorite summer activity: gardening

{10} guilty pleasure: soaking up the sun

Ahh, these things put me in my happy place. Tomorrow, we'll hear from assistant planner Addie Moody. What are your essentials?